DNA & Your Skin

Have you ever wondered why you look like you do? Or maybe why some people appear to look older or younger than their biological age? Well, there’s a simple explanation. The design of your genetic code tells the beautiful story of what makes you who you are. There is only one YOU in a world of billions.

Genetics account for 60% of our skin’s aging. Now, for the first time ever, we can do something about it. The color of your hair and eyes, your height, smile, and even your skin’s appearance, are all determined by your genetic code. Our bodies house up to 25,000 different genes and these genes control how we create proteins, which in turn affects all the structures and functions of the human body.

Our code also determines when we start seeing fine lines and wrinkles, the dryness of our skin, and our tolerance to UV rays. This explains why some people may start seeing wrinkles in their early 20s and others a decade or more later.

We can’t stop time and we can’t change our genes. However, modern technology and genetic research now allows us to better understand our skin and customize highly-effective skincare plans and products. Knowing your individually-unique skin can help you understand which of your skin’s traits are optimal and where you could use a little extra support to prevent the signs of aging.

Our DNA has more of an impact on your skin than the products available on shelves, but understanding our own genetic code can help us choose the right products specifically for our needs. This information has never been available, until now!

Of the 25,000 different genes we carry, around 1,500 of those genes have an impact on our skin. There are eight major categories which affect how our skin ages, and each of these groups is controlled by its own set of variants.

A SNP (pronounced “snip”) is essentially a variant in the genetic code and is inherited from our parents. These variants can affect the operation of our genes and thus the structures and functions of the entire body.

Genetic Beauty has cracked the code in the search for achieving and maintaining a youthful appearance. Our exclusive DNA Skincare Report analyzes 107 SNPs that are key contributors to the health, structure, and appearance of our skin.

Our experienced team of geneticists and formulators worked together to develop skincare products and supplements based on those genetic findings. For the first time ever, you can actually know what your skin needs and have access to a line of products made just for your skin type. The future of skincare is available today with Genetic Beauty. No more guessing and choosing from products made for the masses. It’s truly time to know the skin you’re in.