The Magic Behind GB's Proprietary Blend

For centuries, people have searched for the Fountain of Youth. Looking younger is something we all desire, even more so today with the pressures of social media. While the mystical “fountain” was never actually discovered, breakthroughs in science and technology have brought us closer than ever before to finding the secret to looking youthful.  

There are hundreds of ingredients that skincare companies use in their search for the perfect anti-aging remedies. But unfortunately, some don’t quite live up to the hype. Often companies will cut corners, using cheaper ingredients to increase profits, which leads to less-than-desirable results.

At Genetic Beauty, we didn’t pinch pennies by using cheap ingredients. Our team of scientists, chemists, and geneticists, researched the top-performing ingredients available today to create a powerful combination of super-ingredients, proven to deliver real results, unlike some of the other products on the market.

Our proprietary blend helps to reverse free radical damage, lift and firm skin, even skin tone, and reduce fine lines & wrinkles. We’ve uncovered the next best thing to the Fountain of Youth and have added it to every one of our perfectly-blended Serums and our hydrating Moisturizer. We’re revealing our secret to youthful radiance in these 5 powerhouse ingredients.


Mineralys is a mineral-enriched water sourced exclusively from a remote island off of the coast of France. It reduces pore size, reduces skin dullness, and increases skin luminosity. It boosts cellular viability and protects skin against pollution.

Hyaluronic Acid SLMW

Hyaluronic Acid SLMW can help with the appearance of skin tightness and helps firm and fill fine lines for a more youthful appearance. When skin is protected and hydrated, increased skin cell production can take place, leading to smoother, more plump skin cells.

Lingonberry Stem Cells

Lingonberry Stem Cells are plant stem cells from the Lingonberry fruit, which is a superfruit rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, and polyphenols. It contains properties that can protect and repair the damaging effects of the sun. It can increase the natural antioxidant properties of skin cells and decrease factors that cause skin irritation. They aid in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and spots, improving loss of firmness, dehydration, and roughness.

Myocept X50

Myocept X50 targets skin neurons for an improved Botox-like effect. It aids in inhibiting muscle contraction, which is often the cause of wrinkles. It works to minimize movement of skin neuron cells and on sensory nerve endings in the skin, preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C)

The most powerful form of Vitamin C available. It penetrates the skin to the deepest layers where collagen is made. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and since collagen is what the skin needs to stay firm and youthful, it helps to reduce wrinkles and firm skin. Vitamin C is also effective at lightening skin pigmentation.

See for yourself what our Proprietary Blend can do for your skin. Formulated specifically for different genetic skin types, each of our serums is power-packed with a unique cocktail of high-quality ingredients, plus our proprietary blend. Using a serum specifically designed for your genetic skin type is proven to be the most effective solution for minimizing and slowing the signs of aging.

If you truly want to see skin that looks youthful and vibrant, our Anti-Aging Serums will deliver head-turning results.